Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fuel for the machine.

Maybe this post belongs on a blog called Gershfeld Garden, but that blog doesn't exist (as far as I know).
Until some friends started talking about actually eating them, and I read Born To Run by Chris McDougall, I thought chia seeds were only useful for growing hairy pottery. Turns out they might be the best kept secret in sports nutrition.
I have now been eating them regularly for a few weeks and I think they are a great source of energy and nutrition.  Makes me want to bolt out the door and do outdoor things!

There are lots of articles on the internets about the Chia.  But this site has a good rundown and food suggestions for mixing with chias.  Here are some of my other favorites:
- fruit juice
- granola
- and my personal fave, Alo Drink!

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