Monday, October 8, 2012

The Gun Show

Yes, the name of this bouldering comp was actually "The Gun Show".

This was my first comp in a few years.  I had been climbing well so I took a chance a competed in the Advanced division (it goes Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite).  I placed in the middle of the division, which I was really happy about, since I could barely touch an Adv problem in past comps.  This video is the problems I scored.  The highlight for me was the last problem, in the Elite division.  I definitely grant that it was an easy Elite level problem, but I was really psyched anyway.  Way above the level of any comp problem I used to pull.

The best part is that Amanda guest pass came with a raffle ticket that won me this: 

It's a hang board called the "BeastMaker 2000". This finely crafted wood torture device includes many tiny finger pockets and slopers that are sure to make me insanely strong for the next comp!

As always, thanks to Amanda for her fine camera work and moral support.

Music by The Roots: Guns Are Drawn and Take It There

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Sanitas Problem

I first tried this bouldering problem on Mt Sanitas a few years ago.  I bailed off the crux move and came down awkward on my crash pad and jacked up my ankle.  I haven't done much climbing in the years since but over the past several months I had been climbing pretty strong in the gym.  So I decided to give this problem another try.  There was not a great place to set up our little Kodak flip video camera where it would show the problem and get a good angle on me climbing, so the first sequence in the video is the holds shot close up after the fact.  The crux for me was a small pocketed ledge near the top ridge of the problem.  I have to say that finishing the problem felt pretty good.

Much appreciation to my wife Amanda for the excellent spot and moral support.

Music by Jurassic 5.