Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Sanitas Problem

I first tried this bouldering problem on Mt Sanitas a few years ago.  I bailed off the crux move and came down awkward on my crash pad and jacked up my ankle.  I haven't done much climbing in the years since but over the past several months I had been climbing pretty strong in the gym.  So I decided to give this problem another try.  There was not a great place to set up our little Kodak flip video camera where it would show the problem and get a good angle on me climbing, so the first sequence in the video is the holds shot close up after the fact.  The crux for me was a small pocketed ledge near the top ridge of the problem.  I have to say that finishing the problem felt pretty good.

Much appreciation to my wife Amanda for the excellent spot and moral support.

Music by Jurassic 5.

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